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Hailing from Pordenone, Italy, the band met in 2005 when the majority of the members were still attending high school together. Led by twins Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia, along with Filippo Buresta (keyboards), Antonio M. Cicci (drums) and Giulio Frausin (bass, backing vocals), they soon began their partnership with fellow musician and producer Paolo Baldini, who was later to become their sound architect and dub master. The release of their debut album ‘Move!’ immediately propelled them into the international arena, with lead singles ‘Only You’ and ‘Dance Inna Babylon’ boasting over 50 million views on YouTube. The alluring live shows that followed led to Rototom SunSplash naming Mellow Mood Best Italian Reggae Band in 2009, proving the groups youthful ability to curate tracks brimming with lyrical substance.

Mellow Mood have consistently re-invented themselves to stay at the forefront of a new reggae generation. Their individuality has seen them share the stage with the likes of American multi-instrumentalist Beck, the Grammy nominated band SOJA and Jamaican reggae artist Damian Marley.

Off the back of critical validation from Riddim Magazine, Reggaeville and Pelagatos, 2018 is set to be Mellow Mood’s biggest year to date as they unleash ‘Large’ and impress new fans on the international live circuit.

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